Eliminate guesswork in all your marketing and sales activities.

Create predictions

Salesfit's predictive models evaluate and learn from your data to predict any metric or characteristic of your customers, leads or prospects.

Predict revenue of leads and prospects

Learn from your customer base to predict your future success.

Estimate retention and customer lifetime value

Predict your future cashflow based on your previous progress.

Predict probability of conversion

Prioritize leads and prospects based on similarity with your customers.

Segment customers

These algorithms sort your customers, leads or prospects into the most similar segments based on shared characteristics among them.

Create segments for remarketing campaigns

Sort your customers based on similarities in usage or purchase data.

Discover the most profitable customer journeys

Segment customers based on behavior in your acquisition channel.

Segment by similarities in behavior and demographics

Sort your audience based on patterns in customers' characteristics.

Discover dependencies

This algorithm measures correlation between any of your business metrics to show you dependency and its strength so you don't have to do it manually in dashboards.

Find and measure product-market fit

Measure correlations between your KPIs and customer characteristics.

Identify characteristics influencing your profit

Discover correlations between profit and other customer characteristics.

Make recommendations

Salesfit's recommendation engine helps marketers and product teams to personalize their actions, content and products.

Automatically assign campaigns with the highest success potential

Use recommendations to determine the best possible acquisition strategy.

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