Increase ROI using algorithms that configure themselves!

Salesfit is a set of algorithms for marketing and sales that automatically adapt to your data.
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Salesfit's algorithms make predictions and recommendations, segment customers, and discover dependencies between customers and metrics.

Find and measure product-market fit

Measure correlations between your KPIs and customer characteristics.

Predict revenues of leads and prospects

Use your current customer base to improve your overall revenue income.

Create segments for remarketing campaigns

Sort your customers based on similarities in usage or purchase data.

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Salesfit benefits people in various departments


Automate your marketing operations with the same algorithms that top enterprises use. Save time on gaining insights from dashboards so you can spend more time on creative work. 

Data analysts

Increase your value for the company. Save time on creating and adjusting the algorithms by yourself so you can spend more time and know-how on fine tuning the whole ecosystem. 


Allow yourself to focus on the core product instead of supporting the marketing department with custom scripts and algorithms you have to code, test, and maintain.

What people are saying


Salesfit’s algorithms have allowed us to improve business in a way that has been impossible for other companies of our size. We didn’t have the capacity or resources for our own solution, but our software developer was able to handle everything in a matter of hours with Salesfit’s solution.

Marek Kříž
Co-founder, Zaloto
Zaloto is a marketplace for financial products. People interested in financial products are located on one side and financial consultants are on the other. It recommends a suitable financial consultant to continue working with the request only after it’s been processed.


Salesfit is a must-have for our new Design-to-Code product. I’d say it’s a must-have for most early-stage startups too.

Myra Goldie
Supernova Studio accelerates the workflow for designers and developers by converting any mobile design into fully-fledged native applications for iOS, Android, React Native and Flutter.


This is a sales saver. We simply couldn’t recognize valuable customer segments in my previous startup, so we ended up targeting everyone. Salesfit solves this problem in a few simple steps.

Radek Novotny
Superface is a game changer in API technologies. It builds super interface components that enable plug-and-play usage of data and services provided by companies using their API.

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