Let data find your product-market fit

Salesfit is software that automatically segments your B2B audience. Then connects the segments with your marketing, sales and product data.

It saves you from wasting time and money on unprofitable markets.

Explore the demo

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There are companies interested in you.
See what makes them different.

Salesfit’s algorithms allow you to see your B2B audience in segments described as much as possible. Then keep an eye on them to make sure your company goes in the right direction.

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Automatic segmentation

Use our algorithms to discover similarities between companies you haven’t thought of. See all the details companies share together.

Trends analysis

Watch-over the trends behind your audience so you can take action right away to save valuable time and resources.

One-click integrations

Connect segments to your CRM, analytics and business intelligence to see the complete story behind every niche.

Discover how to use Salesfit in your company

Salesfit works best for companies that have an audience of hundreds of companies and useful data about their business.


Segments + Conversion rates, Website usage, E-mail statistics

Be sure about who are your ideal customers, where they come from, and what convince them to try you out. Optimize the content and journey for your target audience. Be more personal with all customers while still scaling as fast as you can.

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Segments + Revenues, Acquisition costs, Time to deal

Let Salesfit point at the important characteristics to look for when prospecting and qualifying potential buyers. Invest only in customers who meet the right criteria to buy from you.

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Product development

Segments + Retention rates, Users behaviour, Activity

Know which customers use your product on a longterm basis. Optimize the whole customer experience around the segments that appreciate it the most.

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How it works

Choose your B2B audience

Customers, leads, prospects, subscribers. All we need is a company website, name, or e-mail.

Let Salesfit sort it out

Our machine learning algorithms will sort your audience into segments with shared attributes.

Focus on the right segments

See what your ideal target audience is. Sync the segments with your analytics and business intelligence to see how to work with them.

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