Toolkit for data-driven marketing & sales

Salesfit is a set of data analysis workflows helping you to optimize targeting, conversion rate, and retention.

"Salesfit is a must-have for our new Design-to Code product. I’d say it’s a must-have for most early-stage startups."

Myra Goldie

Before 🤯

Your customer acquisition is based on theories and guesswork. You can't see any patterns in your customer base. Data (if you have any) is a mess. Switching to a data-driven approach is hard and expensive.

After 😎

Your customer acquisition activities are efficient and based on hard data about your customers. Managing a data-driven approach is easy now.

Salesfit is built for marketing people

You don't need any data-science or coding skills to use Salesfit.

Targeting insights

See how to set up your ad campaigns and prospecting tools.

Salesfit tells you the key customer characteristics to increase or decrease any of your business metrics.

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Customer segmentation

Discover what your best customers have in common.

Salesfit finds the strongest connections among your customers to sort them into segments based on their similarity.

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RFM analysis

Maximize your retention and optimize for upsell and cross-sell activities.

Salesfit segments your customer base by Recency, Frequency, and Monetary values to help you maximize profit from your current customer base.

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Predict your future based on your past.

Salesfit compares your prospects and leads with your customers to tell you how to approach them sucessfully.

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Be data-driven with minimum effort

Dataset Assistant

Don’t know which data you should collect? Salesfit tells you which data you should prepare according to your business goals.


Need step-by-step guidance? Salesfit has articles and templates to give you helping hand on your data-driven journey.

Agency partners

Too busy to do all this? Our partners will set up data collection and keep your marketing data-driven. Just tell them what you need.

Use cases

How to increase recurring revenue by optimizing a customer acquisition journey

It doesn't matter if you're a Dollar shave club (B2C) or Slack (B2B). You've launched on your target market. Now it is time to find your sweetspot among the audience to grow your business in the most profitable way. Your goal is to decrease churn and increase conversion rates.

3 min read

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How to increase margin per customer by optimizing acquisition costs and upsell

You're selling a large number of low to medium priced products on your site every day. You can't simply increase your prices because there are lots of competitors and it makes no value added for your customers. What can you do to increase margin then?

4 min read

Read the use case

What people are saying


Salesfit is one of the first tools we decided to use in Undout. Finding a product-market fit should be so much easier with Salesfit.

Max Kozlov
Undout makes the revolutionary alarm clock which uses light & sounds to aid you in falling asleep and waking up in the most healthy & natural way possible.


Salesfit could have saved our sales results in my previous startup. Back then, we simply couldn’t recognize valuable customer segments across the whole sales cycle so we ended up targeting everyone.

Radek Novotny
Superface is a game changer in API technologies. It builds super interface components that enable plug-and-play usage of data and services provided by companies using their API.


Salesfit is a must-have for our new Design-to-Code product. I’d say it’s a must-have for most early-stage startups too.

Myra Goldie
Supernova Studio accelerates the workflow for designers and developers by converting any mobile design into fully-fledged native applications for iOS, Android, React Native and Flutter.


How to use Salesfit for the first time

Let’s go ahead and imagine you're a B2B SaaS master. There is your company proceeding to the growth phase. But there is always that chance to raise your monthly recurring revenue. Read more to learn how.

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How to be a data-driven marketer: Introduction

Do you want to attract only customers who will love you – as much as they can afford (according to their paychecks)? Start collecting data about them and turn that data into valuable insights.

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Make your marketing
based on customer segments

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