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research AI agents

Get any insights you need for bulletproof qualification

Use Salesfit's research AI agents customized to your ideal customer profile (ICP) definition

  • All you need is a website link in your CRM

  • Discover insights also on 3rd party sources

  • Explanations and evidence for trusting the results

Customized qualification models

Qualify based on complete ideal customer profile (ICP)

Get a score of how much is the lead close to your ideal customer profile.

  • All you need is the LinkedIn public profile and website

  • Score companies based on any set of characteristics

  • Evaluate your contacts' fit with roles in sales cycle

Marketio software image
Marketio software image
Outreach strategy generator

Get unique outreach tactic for each company

Start a conversation with each company in the same way as if you've spent hours researching it.

  • Uses natural psychology techniques for trust-building

  • Compatible with AI writers for further automation

  • Customizable campaign and messaging topics

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